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Gregory Bed and Breakfast

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Un bed and breakfast a Roma San Pietro che vi farÓ sentire a casa

Gregory Bed and Breakfast: reviews e commenti degli ospiti

Susie & Ron ha scritto questo commento su Gregory Bed and Breakfast il 05/07/2012

Punteggio: Punteggio 8 8/10

Paese di provenienza: United States
Periodo del soggiorno: Giugno, 2012
COMMENTO: I have to admit, it was a rough start...after arranging pickup through the Gregory Bed and Breakfast from the airport, we were surrounded by signs with other names on them and found we had a phone that did not work in Rome. We were relieved, when 30 minutes later, our driver showed up...and after a half mile walk to his car, we were off. He couldn't speak much English, so when we were dropped off in the front of an unmarked apartment building, we didn't know what to do. Luckily, someone helped us out in the lobby and we rang the bell outside and the owner's son showed up to get us to our room and orient us to Rome. Our room was as we expected...clean, cool, and comfortable, with a view of all of the apartments around us and their colorful laundry out the window. The food was also as we expected, packaged tasty croissants and other treats and with access to a shelf in the refrigerator. We were very close to St. Peter's and bus transportation which was a huge plus! Just around the corner we found a place that made fresh croissants every morning and a fabulous cappuccino where the spoon could stand up in the richness. We always felt safe walking to and from our room. The elevator was a plus with all of our luggage. The owner, Mauro, checked in on us on our 2nd day and we told him everything was fine. The Gregory Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to stay if you want independence, convenience, economy, and comfort.
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Traveler ha scritto questo commento su Gregory Bed and Breakfast il 14/06/2012

Punteggio: Punteggio 9 9/10

Paese di provenienza: Israel
Periodo del soggiorno: Giugno, 2012
COMMENTO: The location of this B&B is great and the hospitality was excellent - thanks Mauro for the tip about the Gelsomino restaurant - it was wonderful! This place is certainly "good value for the money". The apartment is very clean and well equipped, and the stay is very comfortable though not "spoiling". The coffee in the kitchen is wonderful, however the breakfast could be nicer, even within the limits of "sweet and packed" one could serve better-tasting cookies, yogurts and fruits (even canned). In a very little effort the room could be made somewhat more "luxurious": a nicer bed cover, an additional heavy curtain and a second set of (soft!) pillows would kick this B&B to the top of the list of places in this area, where it belongs. We also suggest to keep a (real, not virtual) guest book in the apartment, so guests can leave valuable information to each other about necessities such as restaurants, money change etc. Thanks again for a lovely stay!
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Bunny ha scritto questo commento su Gregory Bed and Breakfast il 24/10/2011

Punteggio: Punteggio 9 9/10

Paese di provenienza: United Kingdom
Periodo del soggiorno: Ottobre, 2011
COMMENTO: We had a very comfortable and quiet room (in Rome!).The 'do it yourself' breakfast arrangements were very convenient, as was easy access to a supermarket and restaurants. The frequent praise for Mauro posted by others is fully deserved; nothing was too much trouble. We wish we had taken on board his advice about bus routes, which is terrific, since we had bought vouchers for the hop on hop off bus before hand and spent far more than we needed to. 3 tips: to avoid queuing in long lines for what must be a very crowded St Peter's get there before 8 (it opens at 7 & it is only 10 minutes away) and enjoy the relatively peaceful basilica before breakfast. 2nd book in advance for the Vatican Museums. 3rd if, like us, you are not in the first flush of youth and are heavily laden you don't have to walk uphill to the St Pietro Station; you can walk on the flat to the bus stop on the other side of Via Di Porto Cavalleggeri to catch the 64 bus (I think) which goes to St Pietro. But be warned if you are heavily laden and going to Civitavecchia, you have to go down a lot of steps and up on the other side to get to platform 5. If we do it again, we will ask Mauro to get us a taxi!
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Gregory Bed and Breakfast

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Roma Bed and breakfast a Roma Gregory Bed and Breakfast Gregory Bed and Breakfast
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